As of 1st February 2023, some single-use plastic items are no longer be allowed to be sold or supplied by businesses in Victoria.

These include:

Single-use plastic drinking straws

Single-use plastic drink stirrers

Single-use plastic cutlery

Single-use plastic plates

Single-use plastic cotton buds (except in medical settings)

Foodware and cups made from expanded polystyrene (EPS)

There are limited exemptions that provide the use of items in specific circumstances. This includes the use of single-use plastic drinking straws for individuals who require them due to a disability or for a medical need.

Bans on more single-use plastic items will follow in the coming years; including single-use paper plates with plastic lining in November 2024, and integrated items attached to a food or beverage product (e.g. a plastic spoon attached to a yoghurt cup) in January 2026.

Thank you for supporting our retailers at Diamond Creek Station Shopping Centre through the change, as we work together as a community to build a more sustainable future.

For further information on the ban, please visit